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Frequently Asked Questions...

1. How do I dispose of big items like boxes and furniture? Empty cartons should be left in the stairwell entryway near the garbage chute with other recyclables, flattened out so they don't block access. For larger, bulkier items such as furniture, contact the Resident Manager at 212-265-6967.

2. What is recyclable and what do I do with them? This building participates in the NYC Residential Recycling Program. Recycling containers are provided in the compactor room on each floor. To see what is and isn't recyclable, please visit the New York City Recycles site.

3. I've got some boxes and stuff and not enough room in my apartment. Is there storage space somewhere in the basement?. Secure cages are available at reasonable cost.  Contact AKAM Associates for information at 212-986-0001.

4. Can I enter the apartment complex from either side -- 60th or 58th Street? Yes, and you get a nice stroll through our beautiful garden as a bonus!

5. I notice there is building access into the garage. Is there an arrangement between the building and the garage? If you want to know if shareholders and/or tenants get a special rate, the answer is no. However, as a shareholder you get the benefit of the garage being a rent-paying tenant.

6. Does the building provide any maintenance services (problems such as fixing leaks, plumbing problems, etc.), or is all maintenance my responsibility? Whenever you're in doubt about what you as a shareholder (lessee) and the co-op (lessor) are responsible for, it's a good idea to check your Proprietary Lease. If something seems to fall into a gray area, you can always check with the Resident Manager at 212-265-6967.

Generally speaking, maintenance of anything on your side of your apartment's walls is your responsibility. Anything within the walls involving the building's systems (heat, water, electricity), and outside your walls, including windows, are the coop's concern. And if you're thinking about alterations do read #11. 

Now, back to your exact question, the answer to which depends on the nature and complexity of the problem. Coliseum Handymen can handle many simple plumbing and electrical problems. Other problems will require you to contact outside professional service. The Resident Manager, 212-265-6967 can help you determine which is which.

7. How do I arrange for a Handyman? You can contact the Resident Manager at 212-265-6967 or tell your Doorman about the problem. Be sure you say when you're going to be home. It's against co-op policy to let anyone into your apartment in your absence.

8. How do I pay for minor maintenance services by a Handyman -- in a private arrangement with the individual or through the building? If the Resident Manager determines your repair requires the co-op be compensated, he will let you know. A gratuity to the Handyman is optional but customary.

9. How much? How much is the service worth to you? (But since your maintenance helps to pay the Handyman's wage, it's not necessary to think in terms of the hourly rates of a Licensed Plumber or Electrician.)

10. My air conditioner is broken. Should I replace it on my own, or is this something I should coordinate with the Resident Manager? Talk to the Resident Manager, 212-265-6967. The on-staff a/c expert may be able to help you out with a repair. If replacement is necessary, your air conditioner like your TV or stereo is yours to replace. But you’ll need to coordinate with the Resident Manager regarding delivery of the new and disposal of the old unit.

11. I want to make changes to my apartment that I don't consider alterations - painting, redoing the floors, and changing the closet doors. How does the building define an "alteration," requiring the person I hire to provide the cooperative corporation with a certificate of insurance? Hear us out on this one: In coop circles it is not unheard of for a shareholder to proclaim a “simple re-decoration” of his/her apartment that requires no more than leaving the apartment keys with the doorman. And there follows a month-long parade in and out of tradesmen, craftspeople, lumber and appliance deliveries, creating elevator disruptions, potential damage to hallways and neighbors’ property, not to mention the security concerns of unknown people wandering in and out of the building. Even a simple paint job can raise these issues, so do what you’d want this fictional shareholder to do if s/he were your neighbor – talk to the Resident Manager, 212-265-6967. Minor or major, he will help make things go smoothly for you and everyone else.

For sure, if your changes require any contact with internal building systems (heat, water, electricity) or penetrating structural elements like walls, floors, or ceilings, it's an alteration. When in doubt, ask the Resident Manager. Also check out the House Rules for further info.

12. Can I install a garbage disposal? Read #11 for general background. Since New York City law now allows garbage disposals, in part to help cut down on the stream of wet garbage, the Board is open to exploring use here. But it is considered an alteration and three conditions apply: 1) You must contact AKAM Associates, 212-986-0001, for the appropriate paper work. 2) The equipment must be of first-rate quality and installed by licensed plumbing and electrical contractors. 3) The Board reserves the right to rescind permission, and to require removal of installed systems should usage create unforeseen problems.

13. Can I install a washer/dryer? Again, check out #11 and call AKAM Associates, 212-986-0001.

14. Does the building maintain a list of contractors who have worked in the building and are familiar with its regulations? While we cannot recommend any contractors or suppliers and risk being sued for your disappointment, the Resident Manager, 212-265-6967, can give you names of contractors who have worked in the building and are familiar with our ways. But the responsibility for contacting them and the work they perform is all yours.

15. Is there a tipping policy regarding doormen and building staff? Policy? No. Custom, yes, but you are not going to be shunned by any of the staff if you don't. It is your choice whether to do so or not, as is how much to tip.

16. What's nearby? Where can I find the bus and subway, dry cleaner, supermarkets, drug stores, shoe repair, hardware store, etc? New to the neighborhood? Check it out. It's changing, and with the exception of subway stations which tend to be fairly rooted, so are the services we all depend on. Columbus Circle is a major transportation hub beneath which run the 1, 2, 3, 9, A, B, C, and D subway lines. Another block over on 57th and 7th Avenue are the N and R lines. Bus lines running up, down, and crosstown criss-cross the neighborhood from 57th to Lincoln Center and from 11th to 5th Avenues. You can get just about anywhere from here.

17. What professionals (doctors, dentists) have offices in the building? Among the changes in an ever-changing neighborhood, that's one. Generally, you'll find a practitioner's shingle on the outside of the building. 

18. Are there any procedures I should know about (meetings, elections)? How can I participate? The Annual Shareholders meeting is held in May. At that time the Board reports on the year's activities and important issues to shareholders; elections are held, and shareholders are invited to sign-up to participate on various committees. Prior to the annual meeting, you’ll receive a flyer from the Nominating Committee announcing vacancies on the Board and inviting additional nominations. 

19. What about a complaint about a staff member? The Resident Manager, 212-265-6967, is the first port of call. If the complaint involves the Resident Manager, approach him as you would a neighbor. If that fails or doesn’t work for you, contact the AKAM Associates at 212-986-0001. 

20. What happened to our 13th floor? Don’t worry we have one. We just call it 14. Throughout New York City, (and we’re not alone among superstitious cities) there is a dearth of 13th floors -- but only on buildings that have 14 or more floors. Why? Builders and architects, sure that people would be reluctant to reside or work on any 13th floor, decided to eliminate it, or more accurately, the number. Just one of Coliseum's many historic charms.

What if I have other questions or need further information?You can read the House Rules online, and you'll also find a copy at the end of your Proprietary Lease. In addition, here are some numbers to keep handy in the event you need further help or information:
AKAM Associates, Inc. (212) 986-0001
Resident Manager (212) 265-6967
Fire Department (212) 999-2222
Police Emergency 911
Police Precinct
Midtown North (W. 54th St.)
(212) 767-8400
20th Precinct (W. 82nd St.) (212) 580-6111

Coliseum Park Apartments

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